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Emily Armenta
So original, yet so on trend, these pendants just beg to be layered on top of a summer dress (that is, if summer would ever get here). From the "Midnight" collection, the pieces come in 18-karat gold and oxidized silver with diamonds.

The collection takes inspiration from the Spanish spiritual belief in the Duende, the creative process through which one must struggle to achieve greatness. By combining symbolism, fresh feminine styles and old-world techniques, Armenta’s work gives a nod to her Spanish influence, but still appeals to today’s modern woman.

Suggested retail prices range from $1,390 to $2,360.

"Serena Garbo" watch in stainless steel with mother-of-pearl dial and diamond bezel.

Set to launch this week in Basel, the watch mixes sensuality with a sense of modernism in a unique design that seduces with soft curves, just like the silky pebbles of the Mediterranean Sea, the inspiration and signature of the brand.

The quartz watch features a curved sapphire crystal, a screw-on caseback and polished, rhodium-plated hands with inlaid black lacquer. Available with full or partial diamond bezel.

Founded by watchmaker Remo Bertolucci in 1987, Bertolucci takes inspiration from the pebbled beaches of maritime Tuscany, where Remo grew up. The Dickinson Group bought the brand in 2005 with the intention of furthering its position in the luxury-watch arena.

Suggested retail price for the watch shown is $10,700.


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