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Should jewelers hide price tags?

On Monday, NPR aired a story on why many jewelry stores choose to tuck away their price tags rather than display them.

Michelle-blogFor me, the story highlighted two interesting points. Number one, many consumers remain, for reasons I have a hard time understanding because I know the industry so well, inherently distrustful of jewelers.

Using jewelry to harness human energy

Brecken HeadshotIn continuing with what I think unwittingly might have become another of my beats–weird and interesting jewelry (see: this gemstone cap)–I’ve got another discovery to share with you all.

Industrial designer Naomi Kizhner has developed a line of jewelry called “Energy Addicts.” It was part of Kizhner’s graduation project at Jerusalem’s Hadassah College, reflecting what would happen in an energy crisis in the future and a solution that harnesses the human body, particularly the flow of blood through our veins, as a renewable source of energy.